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ASEA serving size

Originally Posted by Roland View Post
How did Asea come up with 4oz. as a recommended dose?
Why not 1oz. or 16oz?
Or why not based on body weight or age or ...?

Is a matter of there being a point of diminishing returns?
Can this (if there is) diminishing returned be graphed?
Fluoroscopic dye tests were done to detect it in the blood after ingestion. I believe based on these findings with different doses, it was determined 2 oz is a good average serving. That is recommended twice a day for a total of 4 oz. It starts to go directly into the blood stream through the mucus membrane in the mouth, throat, etc... and what is left in the stomach survives the stomach acids for about 5 minutes and what doesn't get neutralized makes it through the stomach lining. It doesn't have to be digested. So taking this all into account, 2oz shows up at significant levels in the blood from the dye tests so they actually quantified this.

It is not based on body weight. If an adult is 130 pounds and one is 250 pounds, they both receive phenomenal benefit from the same 4 ounces.

However, if someone is WAY bigger, like the legendary Mark Eaton of the Utah Jazz - 7 foot 4 inches at 350 pounds or whatever, he can benefit from more.

When just about anyone at any weight takes ASEA, it makes a huge difference.

The same is with liquid ionic minerals for example. 40 drops a day max adult dose does wonders if someone is 100 pounds or 300 pounds. When trace minerals are lacking in a diet and someone gets small amounts of them, it makes all the difference in the world regardless of weight.

There is no limit to the amount someone can take either. I have taken 16 ounces a day every day for a week. That was when I drove to Vegas for the convention last year. I got by on 4 hours of sleep every single day, partying until 4am waking up at 8am - getting to the convention at 830-9 and being attentive all day and night long. Not once did I ever have the urge to take a nap or doze off. And, that was without any kind of uncomfortable rush like caffeine or stimulants since it isn't a stimulant. No speeded up heart rate, shakiness, nothing. Just a steady endurance.

4oz a day for the best average adult dose and if someone takes more, they can receive even more benefit. 4oz a day is 4 x 32oz bottles a month - I drink about 6 bottles a month myself. But 4oz a day gives profound results as it is.

But when looking at the science like at the university that found the freed fatty acids, that was with 4 oz a day for a week! Again, the body is not used to having this kind of efficiency and when supplementing with just this amount, it is simply profound what the results are.
Aaron Murakami

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