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sports results and recovery

Originally Posted by ashtweth View Post
HI Aaron,/ALL

if Asea produces some thing that the body produces naturally, but artificially supplements excess of it into the system, how is that not considered cheating? Its interesting how they by pass that

I would like to see how ASEA does medical wise in recovery TIME (not athlete time)Ill get some live blood cell on that, Rod has already given us ASEA to do that. Looking forward to these results.

ASEA doesn't boost any steroid markers, etc... it isn't doping the body with any "substance".

There is a distinction between natural and native. Many things are natural. Goji berries are natural but we don't have goji berries in the body. ASEA is NATIVE to the body - we have redox signaling molecules in the body. When people ingest food, supplements, etc... it has to get by the digestion. ASEA doesn't have to be digested, it simply gets ABSORBED into the blood. The body doesn't have to break it down like it does with food, medications, nutritional supplements, etc...

There is a huge difference between digestion and absorption.

Freeing up fatty acids in the blood from fatty acids that we ALREADY have stored in the body isn't against the rules and isn't cheating.

It just happens to be the only substance on Planet Earth that beats the ventricular threshold tests of illegal doping drugs by 300% or more!

Different doping substances can cause inflammatory responses and those cause different markers to be elevated. That isn't the only way to test for doping drugs, just an example.

ASEA is the least toxic substance ever tested. Not only is there 0% inflammation response, it simultaneously gives a protective response by boosting the body's own natural antioxidants such as glutathione!

This is the first time in history there has been a substance with a 0% inflammation response PLUS a protective response of boosting antioxidants.

Anyway, this is a new level of science that has never before been seen in biology, food science, sports science, etc... ASEA is the "first ever" in so many categories it's nuts.

Every athlete has an opportunity to include this in their regimen or not. If they know about it and they don't, they are volunteering to lose. It is that simple.

As far as recovery as you mention. I'm not allowed to say anything in regards to medical recovery. However, I will say this...

ASEA is the only true endurance supplement in the world - there is no "crash" like with energy supplements. It is also not just endurance, it is also a recovery supplement. If all things are equal between two athletes in terms of skill, speed, strength, etc..., the one with superior recovery wins.

Recovery is so crucial not to just winning but for the health of the athlete. Some extreme endurance athletes have to go into a hyperbaric chamber to push oxygen back into their cells because they are so deprived. Athletes in extreme endurance sports have found that with ASEA, they do not have to do that! Even triathletes have found that with ASEA, the soreness is minimal after the race.

It is important to understand that muscle repair has been accelerated to levels that have never been seen before.

This repair is of course cellular repair and cellular repair is foundational to ALL recovery regardless of athletics, etc...

That being said, cellular repair is accelerated to levels that have never been seen with any other method, modality, nutritional regimen, etc...

You mention live blood analysis...

The way to monitor these molecules in action in the body at the cellular level are with fluoroscopic dyes and methods to see these dyes. Live blood analysis is not sufficient to even see what is going on here.

However, I do not know if live blood analysis can see fatty acids in the blood, which could show what the recent study shows. It may or may not. On a Caribbean cruise I went on recenty, one of the world's leading authorities on live blood analysis was on the cruise and was involved with ASEA. He has taught thousands over the years the live blood analysis method. I could probably ask him what it could show in relation to ASEA.

But I can tell you for sure, to see the molecules in action, it requires the fluoroscopic dyes, etc... and that costs a fortune. I saw many of the studies done with the dyes to see the molecules in action - it was really amazing. But you have to be a pretty high level lab with a serious budget to get into that kind of analysis.

This has already been proven out to the Nth degree for ASEA over the years even before it was called ASEA.
Aaron Murakami

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