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wanted to share the following with you:
Thank you again Lamare , you made it easier to understand
Originally Posted by lamare
Originally Posted by MonsieurM
Hello Lamare , i have been following some of your posts as they are quite interesting ( although some are beyond my mathematical knowledge ) ; the reason for this message is that through the course of the discussion taking place in the golden tractate threat, i stumbled on a website that has some intriguing math and it kind of resonate with Dollards math .... could you have a look , and let me know what you think of it .... keep your mind open :

UMMO - UMMITE PHYSICS AND METAPHYSICS - A new website devoted to the Ummites - general introduction

a little excerpt:
Hi MonsieurM,

I printed the first 42 pages of the word document on that site and read it in the train home from work.

It is quite an intriguing read and I experienced kind of a battle between my feelings and my ego mind.

So, you could say it did touch a nerve or two..

What I understand of it, is that they basically say the Universe consists of some kind of entities that exist outside of our notion of time and space. To me, that would mean some kind of abstract entity that exist in the shape of pure information.

You see, information just exists. It exists outside of space and time. It just IS. And that resonates very nicely with your sig...

Now when you know how a computer works deep down, it is in essence pure logic being "executed" or "animated" by a machine that follows just a few very simple binary logic rules. These are implemented using transistors, configured as logic "nand" "gates", that change their state at pre-determined times. In other words: ruled by a clock.

So, in essence it's a machine that "executes" binary logic, ruled by a clock signal.

At a higher abstraction level, like in a higher object oriented programming language like C++, you can define all kinds of abstract "objects" which you can program to have all kinds of interactions with one another, in essence the exchange of information.

So, all of this is, in essence, information and "thought constructs" being "animated" by a machine.

However, it is thinkable that the same kind of "objects", abstract thought constructs, in essence pure information, COULD also be "animated" by another kind of machine, which would be "consciousness".

And of course, you could also think of other kinds of "anmiation machines" than machines based on binary logic.

So, it appears to me we are looking at the definition of some kind of abstract objects, characterized by "angles" (or, in my interpretation, "perspectives") that are "animated" by some kind of "computing" "machine" using a different kind of "logic" or "programming language" than what we are using.

In this idea, our consciousness would be "a program" or "object" animated by this "computing machine", which interacts with other "animated objects" by means of this "computing machine" according to certain rules.

In this thought-construct, the "animated objects" exist in some abstract "machine", but are not ordered within 3D space and time. And under certain rules, "matching angles", these "animated objects" can interact with one another, or, exchange information and thus create the illusion of space and time.

Within such a scenario, the Universe would thus be a very convincing illusion, a simulation not unlike a computer game, "animated" by some kind of advanced "computer" existing outside of what we perceive as space and time.

And that connects very nicely to what Bashar tells us. See for example:
Bashar Explains The Holographic Universe - YouTube
Bashar on Creating in the YOUniverse - YouTube
Bashar - Infinite Parallel Realities - YouTube
Bashar - "Shifting Through Infinity" - June 19, 2010 - YouTube

(i.e.: I just googled these Bashar vids, can't listen to them at this computer, since I broke my sound card some time ago.)

from: The Brain is an Advanced Fractal Antenna

Principle of correspondence:

Originally Posted by clueless View Post
That from a 2002 article. Unlike so many other promising breakthroughs this is one that has been widely implemented.
To further quote from the article: "The innovation, called Fractal Structure Circuit(TM) (FSC), uses fractalized conductor paths to replace the capacitors, inductors, and resistors in "RLC" circuits."
And another quote: ""Virtually every electronic device uses coils and capacitors to form RLC circuits. These discrete components are arranged by tried and true rules to get the circuit to perform as needed. What we've done is ask: can a fractal pattern, with its self-capacitance and self-inductance, be used to eliminate components and still get the equivalent RLC circuit? We've found that the answer is yes; and in most uses, especially at microwave frequencies, all components can be replaced by conductive fractal patterns or 3D structures."
And one more blurb from that article: " Looking at the Fractal Structured Circuit(TM) one sees, for example, a beautiful etched copper pattern replacing the usual traces connecting button or canned shaped capacitors and coils (or their SMT counterparts). "
Here is the link to that article.
Fractal Antenna Systems, Inc.
Apparently it is in wide use in cell phones, their antennas and some microwave circuits.
People are making homemade fractal HD antennas using coat hangers as one instance of using a common material.
I think this feature; fractuals should be used in some builds to take advantage of a wideband of frequencies and resonance. Maybe it will be useful in the Muller/Romerouk build.
For those that be interested google fractal circuits and fractal antennas.
I do not have the resources/space/knowledge to do any builds at the moment but I am curious enough to verify if a HD antenna can be made simply using fractals and common materials.
Any way something to consider.
-RG signing off
so if you change perspective you are looking at a different fractal circuit .... ie our discussion

Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.

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