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here is a nice vid you might like : start at 5 min 5 s

Super Lethal Plasma Ball! (-Ultra- Overclocked) - YouTube

Placing a hand near the glass offers an attractive place for the energy to flow. The capacity of the body to accept radio-frequency energy is greater than that of the surrounding air. The energy available to the filaments of plasma within the globe will preferentially flow toward the better acceptor. The energy is flowing through the filaments, so the filaments move too. This flow also causes a single filament, from the inner ball to the point of contact, to become brighter and thinner.[1] The filament is brighter because there is more current flowing through it and into the 150 pF capacity, or capacitance, presented by an object the size of a human. The filament is thinner because the magnetic fields around it, augmented by the now-higher current flowing through it, causes a magnetohydrodynamic effect called self-focusing: the plasma channel's own magnetic fields create a force acting to compress the size of the plasma channel itself.
one think you should now ... the plasma ball is also an Antenna reflecting any change outside the Ball .... do you think those Plasma filament are moving at random or like trees:

Seeing the forest through the trees

Imagine you are walking through a forest. All around you are trees of different species, age, size and height. It looks pretty random, right? Wrong.

In research funded by the National Science Foundation, Brian Enquist of the department of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Arizona and his team have discovered a secret in the trees: Hidden among and within the architecture of the branches are fundamental rules that link the size, shape, age and in fact everything about a single tree to all the trees in a forest.
This rule or code reoccurs as the tree grows, creating a fractal a repeating pattern like a spiral of daughter branches emanating from the mother branch or tree trunk.
Dueling Banjos - YouTube

----------------------from The Brain is an Advanced Fractal Antenna

this design is probably the missing piece in Teslas communication and electric Coil Apparatus: a Caduceus inside Metal Ball to complete the design ( for the heater Caduceus with Barium titanate or Magnetite bar see Petar experiments here : MonsiuerM's water Heater : )


Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.

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