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friend just died of cancer

A ballet teacher friend of mine just died of cancer about 2 weeks ago.

Just saw her about 8 weeks ago and she just had a mild cough. She thought she had bronchitis or something. Found out 2 weeks ago she was in intensive care with mesothelioma - known to be caused by asbestos and takes over 20 years to even develop symptoms. So when the symptoms started, she died within 8 weeks of that. Extremely fast and no hope to do anything for her.

Unless she went in for a scan or something right after she started coughing to even know there was this problem, it will be too late by the time she finds out. But nobody is going to go have that done just from a mild cough.

Terrible tragedy and I really feel for all those girls she has been teaching since they were like 4 - many are in high school now. Her students were her only family.
Aaron Murakami

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