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I have known many who died because of cancer, some were relatives. Cancer comes in many different types and I've seen most al of them. Of the ones I know of, they could be put into two seperate catagories as far as living a healthy lifestyle. One group were carefree and lived life with little regard to disease or the prevention of it. The other group lived a farmers life of growing all their own fruit and vegetables and raising their own livestock for slaughter. Both groups were succeptible to the cancer genes of one type or another. A small number may have been hereditary, but most were reasonably healthy until diagnosed with the disease. I am sure diet plays a role in disease, but I think there is more to it than that. Processed foods contain almost no vitamins and minerals, but fresh produce also contains very little of these. In the US, at least, poor farming practices have depleated the soil of its nutrients. Without adding these nutrients back into the soil they become barren of these minerals. This is the reason I supplement my diet with vitamin and mineral supplements. Deficiency in vitamins and minerals are the main cause of diseases. The body has the ability to cure itself, if given the materials to do so. Good Luck. stealth

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