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Thanks for the info. Without using any kind of grease all the metal connection will oxidize very quickly, at least on my cells, as it looks to me like 90% of the rust comes from exposure to the air, water, or humidity. This can happen even if the cells are not loaded, so it's not just the galvanics.
My cells form salt puddles of water, just by themselves, so you can imagine what that does to any metals. I also notice that I can get by without the use of the carbon rod electrodes, as the carbon electrolyte will work as the positive electrode as well. But, the carbon rods and especially the carpenter pencil leads, help to raise the output enough to be used. But, it is the negative electrode that is really the weak link.

Carlos: The cell bank that I showed is also lighting leds on just 300mAs, after 1/1/2 years of constant daily use, but will not make my oscillator work. Strange huh?!! It must have to do with the higher voltage, (4 volts or higher, or 8 volts AC). I think...
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