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I forgot to add that there is one element we tend to forget or overlook (take it for granted )

but all the planets ( and other elements of the Universe ) evolve in a " Vacuum" ... so if you were to replicate Russell's Coils as Savvypro mentioned:

Looking at the picture of Jupiter, a picture of a Walter Russell coil overlaid on the planet appeared in my mind.
testing it in a Vacuum ... think of it as a larger version of a Vacuum Tubes which coincidently Tesla worked with as well

How to make a vacuum tube - Hack a Day

PowerPedia:Walter Russell - PESWiki

Nature's first principle of power prdouction and the construction of matter is to produce heat from the cold of space.
it is also called biomimetics

just try to visualize the following ( not saying believe it is true ; just a change of perspective )

Electricity and Magnetism

Ed said that the academic idea that they are sending electrons through wires as you electric service is also false. Helical coils of electricity flow in spiraling rings around the wires.
now what happens to two overlapping solid coils ( Russell Coils ) if you add electricity ;these helical coils of electricity will overlap flowing in opposite direction... see last figure

the half version / Male version / Expand see fig 127 Tesla Cone

here is a close example : Bashar's Coils

so what happens when the electric helical coils of the black coil and the copper coil meet ( see the two planets in the drawing and Jupiter pic for an aerial view ) ).... from this perspective the setup will be fractal

Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.

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