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from: The electric field of a magnet

Originally Posted by Dave45 View Post
Cold electricity does not seek ground it seeks to join with the earths magnetic field and travel to the opposite pole.
Hot electricity which is what we use seeks ground and moves to the opposite pole through the planets core.
The forces would be opposite in the southern hemisphere.
We have to take into account we live on a magnet and we are working within the confines of that magnet, we are manipulating the magnets fields and our devices are tied into the planets fields, there's no way to get around it.
Even if we build a device (ufo) that is strong enough to repel the planet the fields are still tied into the planets fields.
If we were to theoritically build an efficient UFO ... It would harmoniously use all the forces that Nature provides .... in other words it would not go against the grain but rather along the grain ( anisotropy ) of nature ... observe the votexes on the gazeous planet and compare it with the appearances of ufo on certain geographical areas on our planet more than others ( principle of correspondence )

now here is the loop hole for you :

Researchers have mathematically shown that particles charged in a magnetic field can escape into infinity without ever stopping. One of the conditions is that the field is generated by current loops situated on the same plane. At the moment this is a theoretical mathematical study, but researchers have recently demonstrated that, in certain conditions, magnetic fields can send particles to infinity.
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