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on a side note

Solar Wind Reversal! Something coming from the back side of Earth?? Why was this covered-up?, page 1

This news is just about a month old, but still unbelievably intriguing. It would seem that in mid-March ( March 15th ) the solar winds reversed, as observed by our magnetospere reversing itself. Now, for all you Planet X, Nibiru, brown dwarf believers, this actually fits somewhat nicely into your viewpoint of the universe. For those of you not prone to this belief, it certainly does raise a tremendous mystery.

To me, the really fascinating thing is why the data seems to have been scrubbed from the entire data-set of the world! Literally, the world's observing stations and publicly viewable scientific sites have all seemed to delete this event from their servers. Why? This could have been explained and pondered within acceptable scientific circles, such as a particularly close gamma ray burst, etc. But no, it was scrubbed. Whenever something is cleansed, one must become intrigued and wonder...why?

I'll include the best video I've found describing the phenomenon. I like this guy, SuspiciousObservers, tremendously. He's very sharp, and he breaks things down quite quickly. Give it a look, it's definitely worth it.


interesting resonance of Events

Anonymous claims to have proof of 'inter-dimensional' aliens., page 1


posted on Apr 30, 2012
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