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since we are on the subject of Space and UFOs

here is a little story for you:

translated using google:

Les Repas Ufologiques Marrakchi marrakech maroc


I am now 31 years old, I live in Morocco, Mohammedia, currently I hold a senior management position in a food group in Casablanca. When I was 17, I had a strange encounter that has not had an impact on my life and my health. Even today, I keep asking myself questions about what I saw. I studied in France, after this meeting, so I gained some scientific culture and I also have a vision of Western culture. Today I realized that as strange facts must be made known to the public, through other eyes than the ready explanation of the intervention of Djin's or other creatures taught in our religion. I got interested in astronomy, phenomena in space remain unidentified (UFO) and I also read books on the legends in France. Here in Morocco, tradition, one does not speak of it, except in the limited circle of family, close friends. So there is very little facts like this happened to me, published in the press or in books.
I was 17 and we went on holiday in the region Immouzer Kandar (a town in the middle Atlas, 1400 m above sea level, forty kilometers from the imperial city of Fez) family, me, my brother and my sister and my parents.

This holiday lasted 10 days, we lived in a small house in a summer center with pool. I was fascinated by nature, I had binoculars, and every day I made out without the permission of my parents for exploring the surrounding mountains.

There was a mountain not far from the center, which fascinated me a lot, there was like a small forest at the base of the mountain. I went there several times but never rise very high.
One day I decided to go further and go to the summit to admire the landscape. But, arrived midway on a platter, I discovered a crack, like a cave whose entrance was buried impractical given that there was an empty and ropes and equipment were needed for the descent.

I was impressed with my discovery, and also very moved. It was getting late, I decided to turn back.

The next day I went back again, but this time, with the will to go to the top. I followed the same path as before, passing on the board or was the cave. As I approached, I saw what I identified as a group of children came out of nowhere. They were on set, grouped in a circle and pretend busy reviewing something on the ground. They seemed silent and cold at once, they saw me coming and were soon dispersed.
"What are you doing here and where are you from? ".

One of the things, one of those kids and one replied, in French, as if reading my mind and in a normal voice that I was not shocked:

"We've just not far."
Then he said:

"Do not worry and just, we'll play a game, I'll challenge and I'm sure I will win"

I smiled and I said:

"Go ahead, show me."

This is when the child moves far enough from the abyss, I am, while lying to me a good distance from him. It takes a stone and tosses it. It was quite amazing: the stone flew like a flash, almost without me to be able to follow the eyes. Breakneck speed, breathtaking! It was as if the stone was burning in the air, while emitting a sound very muffled.
so again we have a mountain at play

from: The Brain is an Advanced Fractal Antenna

A Christian Hermit. Idris II. founds Fez.

On a fair hillside clothed in verdure and forest a
young Moorish noble is busying himself and a
few followers. It is February, in the year of
our Lord 808, and the country shows the tender
green due to the influence of spring. An old
hermit whose crucifix betokens his creed, and
whose solitude has been disturbed by the bustle,
asks him what he is doing. " Building a City
is the curious reply. The answer seems to
awaken th£ old man from the lethargy of age
and, " If this be so, O Emir, I have good tidings
for thee," quoth he. He then narrates how his
predecessor at the hermitage told him that a
city named "Sef" had been located there 1,700
years ago. The *' Book of Knowledge " of this
predecessor had also stated that "one day a son of
" the Prophets should come and rebuild, his name
" shall be Idris, and his achievements great : he
" shall plant Islam here, and it shall endure for
"ever." "Praised be God," said Idris, and starts
digging the foundations of Fez.

a mystic indeed

more stories on the link

Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.

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