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You crossed the line - tired of your mouth, ignorance and lies. You had all the chances in the world to prove your point from the other thread. You couldn't find one single study showing that raw food juicing could boost the mitochondrial levels to numbers that will boost the amount of cellular communicators to the equivelant of ASEA. Instead, you resorted to attacking it every chance you had instead of focusing on the facts and showing me references. People often attack what they are ignorant/afraid of and it is too bad it had to come from you.

You are not welcome to disrespect ASEA - especially when you are completely ignorant of what it even is. I have done nothing but support you for years and you wind up being a back stabber. You have relegated yourself to one of the skepticlowns. I gave you references - you ignore them and keep blabbering how ASEA won't replace food? If anyone needs a raw food diet, it is probably you so that you can detoxify your brain. There is a reason it is called a supplement! And a supplement that is not a nutrient and is not supposed to replace nutrition! It is beyond me how anyone can be this dense.

Budwig diet is a cancer therapy to reduce stress? You make this garbage up as you go along without having the slightest clue that these things ACTUALLY ARE ALREADY KNOWN! You have zero background in even knowing what you are spouting off the top of your head. Fatty acids for OXYGENATION - that is what Budwig's method is about - not reducing depression. You're tip toeing around as if you're piecing together something like Sherlock Holmes and don't even know that the purposes of Budwig's protocol and others are SPELLED OUT IN THE PUBLIC LITERATURE for many, many years! If you actually STUDIED the science, you would know that.

And do you know what frees up more fatty acids in the blood than anything else known in the history of biology? Your clue is - IT IS NOT FOOD! It's ASEA - massively amounts of fatty acids freed up for use as energy / cellular RESPIRATION! There is NO FOOD, NO DIET, NO JUICE that can accomplish this - PERIOD! And you claim it is only for athletes and you say "what about the average Joe that wants to get his health back?" Again, a fine example of you not demonstrating what you know, but exactly what you do NOT! Honestly Ash, it really seems that you are simply jealous of the fact that a SUPPLEMENT can actually outperform RAW FOOD in countless ways that raw food juicing CAN NOT TOUCH!

Continuing to disrespect something you are 100% ignorant about is unacceptable and I'm not listening to your tripe anymore. You are full of hot air and don't know fact from fiction.

You are completely incapable of discussing raw foods without disrespecting other modalities or supplements - go misinform people elsewhere.

Here are a few of many examples showing that you are not qualified to give anyone any advice whatsoever. Educating people on diet - fine. Telling people how to cure cancer with a foundation based on ignorance in regards to the actual science? That is a blood red flag buddy.

1. Implying that Budwig method is to reduce depression when it is for oxygenation.
2. Raw food juicing diet is cheaper and easier than supplements? It is actually more expensive and the most time consuming. There is a reason most people prefer supplementation - BECAUSE IT IS EASIER than changing their entire life to revolve around juicing. I'm all for juicing but don't fill people's heads with garbage. Go juice every meal for the next 30 days and tell people it is easier than supplementation or other modalities. There is a reason why juicing has a HIGH attrition rate - because people are sick and tired of having to clean the juicer after every meal! Easier?
3. You claim raw food diet can increase cellular communication to the levels of redox signaling molecules supplementation. A fine example of you making things up out of thin air because you can't accept the fact that juicing isn't the end all be all. The nutrients in the food are only as good as the level of cellular efficiency in a person. The food can of course boost the efficiency as it heals the body but to claim food can cause levels of efficiency as if an adult had the mitochondrial levels as a child??? That is pure stupidity.
4. MMS gets your stamp of approval yet you're 100% ignorant of what unbalanced reactive oxygen molecules do in the body. You have a double standard.
5. Cancer prevention diet is suddenly something you're "open sourcing" and is the next frontier in cancer treatment - hello???!!, what do you think the holistic field has been doing since BEFORE you or I were even born??? This is comical! And open sourcing diets? There are countless anti-cancer raw food diets and regimens that have been online FOR FREE for years and many books that have "open sourced" all of this before "open source" was even in the modern language!!!

You should keep your recommendations to things you actually know about, which I'm not even sure what that is but biochemistry is absolutely NOT one of them.
Aaron Murakami

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