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Originally Posted by allen_okc View Post
Thank You Guruji, i understand the severe dangers of charging a lithium battery, thats why i mention the BMS system earlier, a type of voltage regulator/sentinel to prevent overcharge.

ive attempted to build a bedini generator, with no success, but the information ive seen here is a big help...

im pretty sure i messed up on building the coil, wrong gauges of magnet wire and not enough turns, so i will attempt to build another...

i havent read fully this whole thread yet, but i have a question about the wrapping - do i turn the coil wrap clockwise or counter clock wise or does it matter?
Hi Allen,

You wind a coil clockwise. When you done, mark start and end on the spool. Set it on the table so the end is up. This is the way you'll have to mount, so the end will be facing wheel magnets. Magnets have N poles facing out. Coil when energized will be polarized N-S, just like magnet .Start wires will go: - trigger to ground and second wire to collector. End wires: trigger to bulb and base resistor and second wire to input positive.

Hope this helps

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