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Originally Posted by allen_okc View Post
Thank You Guruji about the bike...

i showed it to let everyone know im sincere about electricity and the application i want to use the bedini generator for...

im hoping its overunity will be enough to increase my riding range...

the next project is a fully electric forward trike where all types of electroncis will be tested on, for experimenting...
There is no overunity device that I have seen working that would extend your range with any real practicality but it is not impossible. Currently I am working on the lockridge device and if I get that figured out I will work on the Edwin Gray motor (Edwin V. Gray: Electromagnetic Association Motor (Pulsed Capacitance Discharge Motor, &c: US Patent # 3,890,548 ) ) I think this is what you need. There are many who are working on this as we speak but as yet I don't know of one that runs in overunity although Gray's did and I understand it was 80Hp.

Tesla built an 80Hp electric car back in the early 1900s so there are two real examples of it being done. Directory:Tesla's Pierce-Arrow - PESWiki

I believe Tesla was the only man who ever knew what electricity really is.
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