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diet, ASEA, etc...

Originally Posted by ashtweth View Post
There are ways to start co ops and others to make organic juicing affordable, so dont give people a false impressions, wake up to your self,.
You're still making up imaginary comparisons between raw food and supplements or other modalities. You are emotionally attached to raw food. Fine - that is your deal. But this claim that food is doing what other things can't is nothing but fiction.

Way's to start co-ops?

I used to own a HEALTH FOOD STORE. Supplements, raw organic foods, etc... I was in the business - I know it well. I have been educating people on the benefits of a healthy diet and raw organic food for many years but convincing people that it is easy or cheap was never part of the discussion.

My interest is in the science of what does what. If I see something that is profound enough, I'm going to promote it whether I get anything out of it or not. You can label it a sales pitch - that just tell me you simply do not understand the science which is evidenced by the fact that your rebuttals could never focus on the facts and you kept emotionally reverting back to your opinion about food being the end all be all, cheapest and easiest way to do everything the body needs.

If you want to juice, my preference is not just raw produce but organic produce - not certified organic by the USDA in the USA but by an actual credible organization like Oregon Tilth, etc... it will cost you.

Maybe in Australia produce is very inexpensive for some reason - but here in the states, it is anything but! The least expensive organic produce is large bags of carrots - for my particular area. BUT - they have NO flavor - and for the lower price you have to buy the bags in 50 pounds minimum. They're carrots but are NOT mineral rich like most organic produce is not mineral rich. It is healthier than non organic produce - but just because something is organic does NOT mean it is mineral rich.

You will get more benefit with non-organic produce and add liquid ionic trace minerals! This is just the practical reality of it.

Also, there is nothing to show anything significant for health in regards to non-organic vs organic produce. The biggest difference ever shown in food is whether it is processed or not - and being organic has never been a significant factor in any of the studies. You have to go back to Weston Price if you want to know what this is about. Anyone that doesn't have "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" under their belt shouldn't be discussing diet or nutrition in my opinion and in the opinion of medical doctors, etc... that I worked with that were holistic before there was such a distinction. Mineralized or not is a much bigger factor in health than organic or non organic.

Even though these are the facts - I still choose to spend more for organic produce for my personal food because I support the industry and want less pesticide, etc... residues in my diet.

I distributed this produce from my store for a local organic farm co-op and even with the co-op, it is MORE EXPENSIVE than non-organic store bought produce. There is no way around it unless you grow most yourself, then you are trading sweat for money and everyone's time is worth something to them. And there is a reason organic produce is so much more expensive - organic farms don't benefit from economy of scale - that is just common business sense. Most local organic farms are very small so the cost per unit of food is going to be higher and no co-op is going to reduce the prices significantly without threatening the organic farm's livelihood.

You are speaking about a what if situation of organizing a co-op. I'm speaking from experience of actually putting TONS of organic produce in people's hands through a co-op! Been there - done that. I'm still all for organic farm co-ops but I know the facts - it is still very expensive - that is the bottom line.

So wake up to what Ash? I have years of experience in this business doing exactly what you are suggesting.

Originally Posted by ashtweth View Post
In the RAW FOOD diets in those documentaries are cheaper for disease prevention, getting rid of medications and TREATMENT. They prevent nearly all disease and have treated MANY, plus dont rely on medications anymore, thats the combined cost. Thats the cost comparison.

Any of your supplements do that and prevent ALL THOSE OTHER DISEASE and cost the same as raw food and juicing, dont make me laugh man SERIOUSLY
This is proof you are making things up out of thin air to support your emotional attachment to food as the end all be all.

I'm not discussing ASEA and cancer because it is illegal for me to do that and I will have a huge liability - you're trying to bait me with an argument that I cannot legally make.

But I know many people who were on 10, 15 and MORE medications who are now on ZERO medications by taking ASEA - WITHOUT changing their diets! I'm not allowed to discuss any claims of what it did for them but when you understand the electrical interaction at the cellular level, you can see why they are no longer on the medications.

Again, I talk from experience knowing people with these results and without knowing any of these people, you seem to think you know different. If anything is laughable, it is your rhyme or reason that makes you think ASEA or other things cannot or have not done the same!!?? What about a little critical thinking here?

You're claiming ghosts don't exist just because you haven't seen one. I've never seen a ghost but I'd also be the last one to say they don't exist because I've never seen one. This is the logic you're using! I simply don't know and if you have one sliver of intellectual honest in you, that is all you're able to admit about ASEA or anything else that you think can't do what a raw food juicing diet can.

You're claiming ASEA cannot get people off meds in a cost effective way without ever having met or talked to anyone that has gotten of a lot of meds using ASEA where it is more than paid for by the co-pay on drugs that they don't have to pay anymore! But in this instance, I HAVE and DO know people that have these results. You don't. Yet, you know all about it. From a point to point basis, you are intellectually dishonest with everyone here including yourself.

The only honest thing you can say is that you DO NOT KNOW what ASEA can or cannot do. The only honest thing you can say is that you have evidence to support what raw food juicing can do, which I agree with obviously. But to say something can't do what food can do when you have no experience with it IS a complete waste and abuse of everyone's time and an insult to the intelligence of anyone that is paying attention.
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