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Hello All,

Glad to see a forum on this stuff.Thanks to Patrick Kelly, compiler of, IMHO,the Greatest Free Energy pdf ever assembled in the history of the planet.

Thanks too to Ascanius who did what others refuse to do, SHARE

I have replicated the device.I am now fine tuning it to get more voltage and to light an LED.Actually did it with some kids from my science club.Wanted the next generation to warm up to what their Physics texts refuses to inform them about.

Actually got 0.3 volts to start with but I need to get the polished stuff, another module and I already installed two grounds.

This weeks project is to light an LED.

Incidentally, what ascanius has created is a device called a Rectenna.It is also a sort of voltage multiplier.

He is moving from low voltage to high, but simmilar devices have been patented.That employs HV instead.Example the HEED device by Deyo that uses HV HF pulses to get it resonating at between 4 and 7Mhz for greater power.They have added a tank circuit.But that might be a totally different device...

Anyway.I am pleased with my success so far an will keep in touch as I experiment.

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