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Hello AetherScientist,
Have you seen the Tens Cam device? | Tenscam
My impression is that the inventor has developed a device which combines:

- scalar energy,
- quartz crystal (to focus and amplify scalar energy from user's healing
intentionality and from device)
- strobe light pulsating at Schumann resonance

Although I have not examined its contents, I suspect it employs pulsed DC from a battery, with a 555 timer chip to provide the Schumann resonance timing to the strobe. The scalar energy might be generated from pulsed DC through some kind of bifilar coil (possibly a Tesla type series wound, in the same way a Tesla bifilar pancake coil is wound).

I thought I'd share this - maybe there's some overlap with what you are seeking to develop.
I am enjoying your posts at the Don Smith devices thread.

Edit: I re-read your opening posts, and saw that your project concerns more the cause of disease. I will leave my post as-is, along with this link: SCENAR , respectfully wishing you successful progress in this endeavor.

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