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It is said that you can learn just as much from the Ignorant as from the well versed ... It is quite true when you look at this statement closely.

Surely you have experienced what some call the Beginner's Luck ... the same applies to "the ignorant" if you change your perpesctive of looking at him/her... instead you can look at that person as a beginner / initiate ( of his own path ) ... and Luck would have it that she may ask you the one question or provide you with an info that will allow you to advance in your own Journey far beyond what you could have imagined achieving ... In other words .... be patient and keep your eye open to catch a glimpse of Destiny awaiting you

ps: just thought to share this food for thought

---------------side note:

THOTH = THOUGHT ( language of the birds )
Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.
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