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Originally Posted by cinan View Post
Hallo all,

as everybody is looking to build some generator, I made design for PC controlled custom made one.
Its has variable frequency from 30Hz to 25kHz, variable duty cycle 1 - 99% and two galvanically
isolated outputs. Its based on PIC18 micro controller with USB connection to PC.

Control SW has graphics interface. Snapshot is in att. It has few useful features, like frequency
range setting, frequency sweep, duty cycle sweep, preset output buttons, etc. Its still under development.

If is anybody interested in that, please let me know and I will give you details.

Future development is flexible and any routine or function will be added if necessary.

For schematics, see att. There is simple version of HW. The advanced one has buttons for Freq and Dc
control, DC/DC isolation converter for outputs, some LED, etc. I can publish it later on also.

Programming is veeery simple, and tool is for 30USD from Digikey, SW is for free. Total cost of simple
version will be roughly - programming tool + 15USD parts...


Hi Cinan, I am interested in your more advance version. But I rather prefer to buy the board already wired and programmed from you, since I am an illiterate in microcontroller programing. Give me an e-mail address to which I can write to you, please.
You are of very good help here, indeed.
I plan to build a big coil to try replicating ufopolitics's discovery.
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