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Hallo Ufo,

thank you for answers. I had some spare time again yesterday, so I've designed custom made 2 chanell generator.
By this subject will be covered in next topic.

Now back to your response. Can you send me rough sketch of two 555 oscillator and power stage you have made ?
I just want to confirm sommections. I also wrongly expressed myself regarding 'out of phase'. Yes, correct
term is antiphase, this is what I ment....

Yes, square wave is only shape good for driving. All MOSFET drivers can work only with square wave. And as
per Tesla's research, radiant energy appears only on edges of that square pulses....

Frequency sweep from low ho higher to invoke this lady is very good note. I didn't know that.

What is max. frequency for biggest radiant harvest ? Its dependent on coil design of course and there should be
one point, I assume. Is that right ? Or multiple points (as there ara harmonics), but one should be max.peak.
I will do tests once generator and coil will be built.

Regarding magnified output. hehehe, I can imagine how did your face looks when one of your eyes was looking
through hole in instrument. It happened to me once, when I was young and doing some 'research'. Secondary
coil with more turns its clear, but how to avoid hot induction there ? Loose primary coupling ? Connection ?


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