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from Walter Russell - Understanding and applying his work

Originally Posted by StweenyA View Post
Brilliant, Thanks MM

In case any of you haven't already seen...

Walter Russell says: "All Motion is Curved - And All Curvature Is Spiral"

Jay Harman has actually put this into use, and has several spiral fans, impellers, pumps, etc, which follow the patterns in nature:
Helical Resonant Cavity (Impeller) - 200 Watts Moving 80 Million Pounds of Weight - Implosion - YouTube
TEDxMarin - Jay Harman - An Alternative Cure for Global Warming - YouTube
JAY HARMAN: The Inventor of the Lily Impeller - YouTube
Thank you and much appreciated for the vid ... Biomimicry at its best

and this is what you want to create electromagnetically too a siphon

apply this to the following info:

Folding light: Wrinkles and twists boost power from solar panels

Taking their cue from the humble leaf, researchers have used microscopic folds on the surface of photovoltaic material to significantly increase the power output of flexible, low-cost solar cells.

imagine this as the solar fold directed at the sun

surely there will be gains

coherence at all level ... how does light " travel "

ps: a perfect example of the Principle of Mentalism : All is Wave and Principle of Correspondence
Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.

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