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might be the sleep in my eyes

or that is not enough light this morning but I did a quick run to verify yesterday's results this time with a light on the odd battery. All voltages were in the range you'd expect,12-13 volt range. Now for the odd part, after disconnecting the motor and generator all the batteries showed 24 volts. I don't know what to think now.
The odd battery does now have moisture around the terminals where it was dry before. I do have another dead battery I'll try later.
Okay, went out to check again and I think I may have solved this mystery, my friend who was up last friday used one of meters to check the AC voltage out of the inverter, he didn't reset it to DC and I didn't recheck it yesterday. Lesson learned.
I imagine I used that one to check the voltages, and I can't seem to get it work now on DC. Probably burned that one up. The only thing is that the motors did seem to run faster and smoother yesterday and I can't imagine I used that same meter on all the batteries. Right now I am in limbo and I am extremely sorry if I gave any of you a bum steer.
On the other hand the 4th bat did charge some and ran a 12 volt bulb.
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