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a bit of news for you :

Strange lava spirals discovered on Mars | TG Daily

Lava flows coiled like snail shells have been found for the first time on Mars - and they're bigger than anything similar on Earth.

Pigeons Navigate With GPS? Science Measures Reaction to Magnetic Field | Decoded Science

Scientists have figured out how a pigeonís brain figures out where it is, and how to get home Ė itís an internal GPS, or global positioning system, that uses the Earthís magnetic fields to navigate Ė and itís probably better than the one youíve got in your SUV.

According to researchers Le-Qing Wu and David Dickman, neurons in a pigeonís brain use the Earthís magnetic field to orient themselves. No mean feat, but how did the scientists figure this out? They took seven pigeons, placed them in a completely dark room, and used a device to cancel Earthís natural magnetic field. Then, they generated an artificial magnetic field, and measured the brain activity of the birds. As they changed the magnetic field, they found neurons in the birdís brains firing in response.

ďSigns and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.Ē -Confucius.
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