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Cinan Response Part 2

Originally Posted by cinan View Post
Somebody down in thread mention, that electrolytics cap will explode or over heat when connected
to diode output. Yes, thats obvious as elcap is not made to handle HF/HV currents!!! There few solutions
of this problem. One is interlaced configuration of coil "pump". 180 degree shift with one common
output. This solution will lower ripple current half. Another solution is to make double filter stage.
First stage will be equiped with film capacitor. This one can handle HF currents. Second stage will be
ordinary elcap. See att for drawings. But there is one think. Once you connect capacitors on cold out,
energy will change from cold to hot again. Ufo can you confirm that fact ?

So if you want to run motor cold, You can't connect caps on output ! In this case interlaced coil config
would be sufficient.

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Yes, ElCaps will blow on Radiant, at least if they have a safety valve will just make a noise, a pretty loud BAM...and like you have said, a film cap will do a first stage and then Electro's will store it...
Yes it will return Cold to Hot, so you are right about driving a regular brushed motor will be better using just cold. But when using it to drive other hot equipment, then it needs to be converted, or, it will blow their Caps at the Input Power Source...what a shame Ah?
Tesla played, designed and patented Oil based Caps...for HF Currents.

Second Part:

In another mail you sent, you asked me how to get Output magnified...
When you do your first testing, will notice your output (after diodes) is pretty amplified...measure Amps and Voltages at output please.
Now, there are other ways to amplify Radiant, One is through secondaries of finer wire and more turns, without allowing Hot Induction to Thrive at Secondary Coil Cores...
I have a video coming soon ( Part 3 of Defining RE Field) where I show two ways of inserting secondaries and obtaining HV Output in the two magnetic field planes (Horizontal and Vertical ) relative to Primary Coil.
The best results I have achieved so far on primary coils are based on a Bifilar Coil of 18-20 gauge at low ohms (1-2) around 200-300 turns. But in PARALLEL not in series like in Tesla's Patent, it will not work in series one wire with other...
Now, the currents coming out of a Higher Turns (4000-8000) on 33 gauge Secondary are very strong, much stronger than the ones coming out of the primary after diodes. They will really shock you, not burnt you, but will be very High Impact...This currents will create a Plasma Arc in a Xenon-400Volts Min/ Max 1000V, Radio Shack Bulb with no filament (look like a U upside down)
It will also create a heavy Arc in a High Discharge Sodium HID Bulb of 120V/50 Watts or more...
And they will also open a big hole in your meter circuit board if you try to measure them...It did it on one of my Extech's, a hole from one side to other...a HV arc, I suppose inside, is the only thing I believe could do that...while meter was showing O.L. (Overload).

Regards and I hope I had covered must of your questions doubts.


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