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Hello Cinan!!

Is GREAT to have you here Cinan!!

I can feel you are charged up to max , that's very good!

Ok, I will start answering some of your doubts...

Hallo all again. If I remember goog, Ufo was talking about two switches out of phase for driving.
As input signal is out of phase, I assume that two switches in P-N configuration are used.
P for top switch and N for bottom switch. Ufo please confirm.
I have made an oscillator based on two Drains Out, one Positive (P-Channels) and a Negative (N-Channel), I used two 555 timers (I have not built yet Mad Scientist circuit, but I will, eventually, and I have all components).
They are not"out of phase", but in Anti-Phase, they are completely aligned at their T-On/T-Off's, but they are one low one high to drive Mosfet's Gates accordingly. I have not worked on making a "Dead Time" between them as of yet...
This is in order to achieve a simultaneous Dual Pumping of Positive and Negative, at same exact times On, leaving a "Room" for Radiant to flow back at the T-Off times, understanding that T-Off=T2-T1...
I know this could be done with only N-Channels, making it more robust an easier to drive...Give it a try Cinan and share results.
However in my previous work I had just an N-Channel oscillator and it also worked out fine...not as successful as dual outputs though...
I also understand using Mosfet's Drivers will enhance the switching performance.

Now, what we are using is a Square Wave, NOT a Triangle or a Sine wave.
It is very important to understand that Radiant enters at the T-Off times ONLY. Triangle Waves have a T-Off mixed with a "Non Zero" Drop down of Hot...THAT'S NOT GOOD!!
Sine Waves also, does NOT have radical, Zero Time drop Off, in order to create a better Radiant entry either...

OK, Next issue:

Power supply for coil is separate and can be up to 500VDC !!! Then we can use monster BEMF.
Input signal amplitude CAN NOT be higher than chip power supply value. I suggest 5...10V pulse
amplitude for driving input.
Performance of circuit is superb. Ton/Toff below 150ns, frequency up to 25kHz with proper Q1/Q2
To achieve higher frequency range (if necessary) we need to change driver IC as IR2101 has only
around 250mA and for higher frequency we need bigger pulse current as explained in my previous post.

But so far we are operating up to 10kHz, so circuit is designed for that. Ufo please comment it.
That is just AWESOME!!...To be able to drive Coil output at very HV up to 500V is fine to start playing and watching results.
Getting in the 10KHz is also great, BUT REMEMBER, We MUST start the Invoking of Radiant at LOW FREQUENCIES, and as we climb Up, She will do it also...
Radiant will NEVER enter if we start at High Frequencies, that is a LAW for Her.
I have tried, already made Motor Controllers, from small R/C to heavy duty 48-72 Volts... and they simply does not work out, Why?...'Cause they ALL are designed to start at a given Frequency, like 800-1000 Hertz to stand the Motor Torque and BEMF...NOT GOOD!!
She starts Thriving (showing up pulsing at your monitoring lamps) at 300-600 Hz...but coming from lower 100-300...

To be Continued next...
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