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found a really good Article on Synchronicity :

a few excerpt ( you should read it in its entirety )

Cryptoscatology | Articles | Features | Fortean Times UK

In 1919, HM 1 a “meaningful coincidence” occurred: Charles Fort published The Book of the Damned and the surrealist André Breton (right) founded an anti-literary review titled Littérature. The work of both men would eventually inspire large groups of artists, philosophers, and other strange people to follow in their respective footsteps. In Breton’s case, this is exactly the result he had been striving toward. Fort, on the other hand, couldn’t have cared less. Nevertheless, it’s interesting to note that both men – one in Europe, the other in America – were eagerly exploring the hidden realm of dreams, unexplained phenomena, and what the Swiss psychologist Jung would call “meaningful coincidences”.
He spends the next two pages listing a series of incidents clipped out of American and British newspapers from the years 1911, 1929, 1930, 1910, 1924, 1931, 1888, and 1892. Each story describes similar scenarios – scenarios that only a man with Fort’s unique sense of pattern recognition could latch onto. In one story, two dead men were found in the desert only 100 yards from each other, and yet the authorities claimed “there was no connection between the two deaths” (5). A separate story reported the discovery of a man, dead of heart failure, sitting on a park bench in the Bronx. Soon afterwards, another dead man was found sitting on a bench nearby. Still another story told of two women found dead in the same river. They had no relation to each other, lived on opposite sides of the town, and both left their respective houses at 10 o’clock in the morning exactly two days before their bodies were found. Still another story describes the execution of three men “for the murder of Sir Edmund Berry Godfrey, on Greenberry Hill, London”. This wouldn’t be unusual except for the fact that the murderers were named Green, Berry, and Hill. With fastidious documentation, Fort continues to relate proto-synchronicities like these until he comes to the following Breton-like conclusion: “There is a view by which it can be shown, or more or less demonstrated, that there never has been a coincidence. That is, in anything like a final sense. By a coincidence is meant a false appearance, or suggestion, of relations among circumstances. But anybody who accepts that there is an underlying oneness of all things, accepts that there are no utter absences of relations among circumstances – Or that there are no coincidences, in the sense that there are no real discords in either colors or musical notes – That any two colors, or sounds, can be harmonized, by intermediately relating them to other colors, or sounds.”


[B] Randall Cole Roffe: Harmonic Resonance
The application of the principles of one science into another is often neglected. Today we have a massive and growing volume of experimentally proven information that certainly does not always
find its every application.
In the real world, we can work from scientific theory, through experimentation, into an engineered result, but just as often we work via reverse engineering, from the
result back into the origin.
If we take a good look -- and listen -- at the whole of manifestation, and apply the principles of acoustics and music, and of the color wheel, the grand pattern that emerges is self-evident.More
than this, a possible explanation of a medium of transmission of a universal electrogravitational influence, as a plenum far more fundamental than an ether, becomes apparent. With this realization a
whole new understanding of physics also emerges, with awesome possibilities.
Randall Cole Roffe


Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” -Confucius.
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