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Double switch driver circuit

Hallo all again. If I remember goog, Ufo was talking about two switches out of phase for driving.
As input signal is out of phase, I assume that two switches in P-N configuration are used.
P for top switch and N for bottom switch. Ufo please confirm.

If this is the case, then I propose configuration only with N-MOSFET involved. Driving P-MOSFET
and get good performance is pain in ass. In schematics you have HI /LO driver circuit with only
ONE pulse input signal.

Power supply for coil is separate and can be up to 500VDC !!! Then we can use monster BEMF.
Input signal amplitude CAN NOT be higher than chip power supply value. I suggest 5...10V pulse
amplitude for driving input.

Performance of circuit is superb. Ton/Toff below 150ns, frequency up to 25kHz with proper Q1/Q2
To achieve higher frequency range (if necessary) we need to change driver IC as IR2101 has only
around 250mA and for higher frequency we need bigger pulse current as explained in my previous post.

But so far we are operating up to 10kHz, so circuit is designed for that. Ufo please comment it.


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