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Originally Posted by xee2 View Post
I think your objective is to get the receiver tuned to the correct frequency, not to make a transmitter tuned to the correct frequency.
You are correct

and on the way there I'm disecting each component.

I do not know what frequency the secondary should resonate as it is shown in the diagram. What part the secondary plays in the TRT I do not know. I think Eric may be the only one. But this is not a TRT, just yet.

So I am looking at the coil from all angles. How it was a radiator in this case study, not exactly what I was expecting but Ill take what I can get.

When excited @ 2000kcycles it radiates quite readily but at 1620 not so well . Same goes for receiving I thought...

'CAN' or Beer can/ dr pepper can, is the standard end termination for the Crystal Radio Initative. Dollard recommended it and I think those building are also using it in testing.

I need a lot of 'CAN' to bring it down to 1620. But how much 'CAN' will be provided by the extra coil, I do not know. The two split rings in the final design of the TRT will allow for some adjustment. Of 'what' is still to be determined. So much I do not know.

As far as the 150m question I was just trying to figure out why it ended up that way since I was only using 30m of wire. But I think I got that part figured out.

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