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Originally Posted by jake View Post
In the bottom diagram 90% is being reflected to the generator???
It is hard to tell from diagram. I was assuming you were just connecting a wire to signal generator. In this case there is a whole circuit attached. But I suspect that most of the energy is being reflected back into the generator. Getting an electrically small antenna (length only a small fraction of a wavelength) to radiate all of the power being fed to it requires much work. When the length gets to be 1/4 wavelength the antenna impedance will be close enough to 50 ohms to radiate most of power. But less than than 1/4 wavelength will reflect most of the power fed to it from a 50 ohm source.

If you are tuning with the set up in diagram, be aware that the frequency is going to be effected by the loop attached to the generator. I think it would be better to use a short wire well away from the receiver resonator to transmit with when tuning the resonator.
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