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Filter on cold side

Somebody down in thread mention, that electrolytics cap will explode or over heat when connected
to diode output. Yes, thats obvious as elcap is not made to handle HF/HV currents!!! There few solutions
of this problem. One is interlaced configuration of coil "pump". 180 degree shift with one common
output. This solution will lower ripple current half. Another solution is to make double filter stage.
First stage will be equiped with film capacitor. This one can handle HF currents. Second stage will be
ordinary elcap. See att for drawings. But there is one think. Once you connect capacitors on cold out,
energy will change from cold to hot again. Ufo can you confirm that fact ?

So if you want to run motor cold, You can't connect caps on output ! In this case interlaced coil config
would be sufficient.

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