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Hallo Ufo and others,

I am new in this interesting thread. I saw some of your videos on ytube and it attract my
attention. Then I went through discussion on fcuk book and finally landed here ) Because
I wanted to know what was/is happening here, I've red all messages since beggining and must
say it was fun. Your first introduction post was self explanatory and pretty clear. It was
obvious that you know what u r doing and what r u talking about.

And then again (as on other threads in energetics forum) some smart asses start jumping
shouting crap and making stories and theory. Then I came across red,bold letters....
Those strict rules made by you are gud idea and I love that approach. By the wayt, you are
very patient, coz I would stop responding....

But back to the topic. I want to participate in this as much as I can. I have good electical
and electronics background, and experience in electronics design. I will help you to develop
all driver and other circuits. I also have theoretical info about topic, as I've read
a lot of Tesla's, Vassilatos, Bearden's, Lindeman's, etc books...
After reading of whole thread is almost all very clear and based on that I've made some circuit modifications this evening as I have some spare time now.
Details in next post.


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