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and here is the fun part

a while back we also discussed the subject of Samurai Swords ... have a look at the handle of a Katana: ( Caduceus )

------------------------- a re post from: The Golden Tractate of Hermes Trismegistus applied to electromagnetism

Found a Very Nice Doc on The Making of a Samurai Sword ; and I realized that in every step of the making of this Sacred Blade, there is a high resemblance in the use of the words to describe each operation to The Golden Tractate Alchemical Description. The Spiritual side and Shape Power is OmniPresent...I highly recommend you watch it...with the knowledge you have...It would appear obvious ...also 6 3 9

Samurai Sword (Part 1-5) HD - YouTube

If you do watch it , pay Attention to the Blacksmith

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fun fact

the handle of a samurai sword

Check out the latest Episode 9: Aliens and Deadly Weapons

Talks about the origin of the samurai sword

6 3 9

If you do watch it , remember the properties of water

and the Principle of Mentalism: Universe is all wave

Enjoy the Harmonic Math:

Japanese sword - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Here is a list of lengths for different types of swords:[17]
Nodachi, Ōdachi, Jin tachi: 90 cm = HM 9 and over (more than three shaku)
Tachi, Katana: over 60.6 cm = HM 3 (more than two shaku)
Wakizashi: between 30.360.6 cm = HM 6 - HM 3 (between one and two shaku)
Tantō, Aikuchi: under 30.3 = HM 6 cm (under one shaku)

Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.
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