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I took the liberty to copy and paste your post on a different health forum as I believe that this should get as much exposure as possible.

You are correct that “Jury Nullification” is way to shut down the FDA and other laws like this. However if you asked what jury nullification was to the average person they will probably say that it is something that the government can do. And unfortunately in a way they are correct. As you would have to look long and hard to find a judge who when instructing the jury would mention that this is an option.

So naturally if the jury does not know about this they will then revert to following whatever the laws says. Which then makes the judge and chief persecutor look good.

Another point most are not aware of is the term “jury of peers” this does not mean 12 people randomly picked off the street. Rather it refers to 12 people who know and/or are of equal status and rank of the defendant. Yet in reality the persecutors are looking for individuals of low intellect, those who will not question what they are told.

Last fall I was called for jury duty, during the pretrial questioning of prospective jurors I was ask the usually questions, did I know any of the participants, my background, etc. I was then asked if I would have any problem following the instructions of the court. I said no as long as they were logical and made sense. Oh boy you would have though that I just claimed to have smuggled a bomb into the building. Well I guess in a metaphorical way had done just that, as I was indirectly pointing out that as a juror I determine whether a law is valid and if it should or should not be applied.

Yes I was excused from that trial as it appeared my services would not be needed.
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