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Originally Posted by MonsieurM View Post
I am sharing with you info pertaining to your experiment .... not trying to give clues .... giving gathered info spent hours searching to save you time ... and present you with an option worth exploring ... do not think my intentions are to torture your mind ....but more to increase your understanding of the ingredient your are using

more bluntly ...try aluminium as one of your ingredient and you'll see

pyramidal shape is a concentrator and also acts as an Antenna ...

here is an example of a pyramid antenna:

Multiband Pyramidal Antenna for Radio Navigation
and Telemetry Systems

Thanks for the info on the aluminum material in the mix. I've added this to three mixes in three cells, update you soon. About that pyramid, I've seen this before and heard about the perfect degree of like 53 on all four legs. I also saw it keep an apple looking new next to one that was outside the pyramid and the one outside rotted. The one inside dried out from the inside if I remember correctly.

You are right about all these tying together. I watched that video about the aluminum powder and how the sun is + and the earth is - very interesting
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