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Venus and the Crescent Moon Flirt in the Night Sky - East Haddam-Haddam, CT Patch

At around dusk tonight Tuesday, April 24 stargazers who look to the skies will see Venus shining. The planet will shine so bright all the way through to May 17, according to the Space article on stargazing tips for Venus and the moon.

Venus will particularly glow brightly around 45 minutes after sunset, Joe Rao wrote in the article.

What's special about tonight is that the planet named for the Goddess of Love and the moon will engage in a little springtime flirtation and get a little closer together.

Technically, the celestial bodies are pretty far apart from each other a whopping six to seven degrees apart in celestial-speak, according to Rao. But to earthbound folks, he said the moon and Venus will be separated by two-thirds the size of a human first.
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