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Tomorrow, we may look at the entire universe through a fractal lens

well then let's have a look

Fractured Granite And Fractal Prints - Science News

A rectangular slab of polished granite gives an impression of solidity and permanence. With its straight lines and glossy surface, it's an elegant, humanmade artifact meant to stand as a timeless monument or serve as an impermeable skin for a sleek skyscraper.

Breaking a granite slab produces jagged fragments with rough edges, reflecting the raw stone's geological history and structure. Zooming in for a closer view of a broken edge doesn't make the irregularities disappear. Instead, a fractured edge tends to show the same degree of roughness at different magnifications. Indeed, nature features many irregular shapes that are self-similar�that repeat themselves on different scales within the same object.

New view reveals how DNA fits into cell - LONGECITY

"Our technology allows us to ask really fundamental questions about chromosomes," says study coauthor and molecular biologist Job Dekker of the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester. "It really is a radical improvement over the previous technology. It's truly genome wide and unbiased."

Applying the method to human cells, the researchers found that the genome has a highly organized structure. Small pieces of DNA fold into globs, and those globs fold into larger globs and so on. The researchers report that this "globule of globules of globules" is fractal, meaning it is organized in such a way that it has the same pattern no matter how far you zoom in. This fractal shape is "super-dense, but has no knots," says Lieberman-Aiden.

Earlier studies by Alexander Grosberg, a theoretical physicist at New York University, first predicted the fractal structure of packed DNA. "Now this paper delivers beautiful confirmation of that prediction," he says.

From surface scum to fractal swirls. - Free Online Library

Flecks of soapy scum floating on the surface of water draining out of a bathtub sometimes gather into intricate patterns. The geometry of the resulting patterns provides a snapshot of currents within the draining water. These convoluted flows cause local upwelling in some locations and downwelling --where floating particles tend to collect - in others.

Two physicists have now applied this phenomenon to demonstrate a direct link between the complicated motion of a fluid and the resulting fractal pattern displayed by an aggregate of floating particles. Fractals are complex shapes that look roughly the same whether greatly magnified or viewed from a distance.

Researchers have noted fractal patterns in the shapes of clouds, the branching of blood vessels, the jaggedness of coastlines, and the roughness of fractured rocks. But there has been no obvious connection between such patterns and the physical processes responsible for creating them.
(coanda like effect ) see :


Some superconductors go fractal: oxygen atoms arrange themselves in a self-similar pattern | Science News | Find Articles

A new experiment using powerful X-ray beams has found a surprising pattern lurking in a superconductor, a material that conducts electricity without energy-sapping resistance. In a particular kind of superconductor, oxygen atoms are physically arranged as a fractal, showing the same pattern at small and large scales.

Beating a fractal drum; how a drum's shape affects its sound - Cover Story | Science News | Find Articles

A number of mathematicians and physicists are studying how the wiggliness of a drum's rim affects its sound, especially in cases where the boundary is so wrinkled -- with crinkles atop crinkles -- that it can be termed a fractal.

"The study of the vibration of drums with fractal boundaries and drums with fractal membranes ... [has] significant physical applications to the study of porous media and to that of diffusion or wave propagation on fractals," says mathematician Michel L. Lapidus of the University of California, Riverside.

Lapidus described recent progress in understanding the effects of these curious geometries at a meeting on wavelets and fractals held earlier this year in Pittsburgh.

Such investigations may eventually furnish clues as to why fractals appear to abound in nature, from crazily indented coastlines to the intricate branching of air passages in the human lung.

Moreover, because the wave equation plays a central role in physics, studies of the vibrations of drums under different conditions have important implications for a wide variety of concerns, including the behavior of sound and light, the diffusion of heat, and the workings of quantum mechanics.

Sharks use math to hunt their prey: marine predators cruise the seas using fractal principles. - Free Online Library

The great white shark in Jaws knew exactly where it was going - to the closest pair of plump legs around. But where might it head if it didn't have a tasty human snack in its sights?

A new study suggests that some sharks and other marine predators can follow strict mathematical strategies when foraging for dinner. The work, reported in the June 10 Nature, is the latest aiming to show whether animals sometimes move in a pattern called a Levy walk.

Unlike random motion--in which animals take similar-sized steps in any direction, like a drunk stumbling around ( Drunk Kung Fu Master Like ) --Levy walks are punctuated by rare, long forays in any direction. Draw a Levy walk on a graph, and its squiggly pattern echoes a fractal, the mathematical phenomenon whose shape remains similar no matter the viewing scale.

Albatross Forage With Fractal-like Flight - Science News

Flight plans reminiscent of fractals could help hungry birds find food. Albatross sometimes hunt by following a mathematical pattern that repeats itself at smaller and smaller scales, researchers report online April 23 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Called Lvy flight, this type of movement includes clusters of small movements every which way, punctuated by the occasional long trip in one direction. Its thought to be a particularly efficient way to locate scarce prey.
call it Principle of Correspondence

Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.

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