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So I went outside soldered into a ground wire and set to work. With 1 turn, 1/2" flat copper stock primary. Tried different arials, different hights, and so on and so on. Got it down to 1620(heard it on the radio 15' away) with a big aluminum salad bowl. , I went back to no terminal and put on my big fat 2 turn primary. Started testing with this when

A small white exlporer sticker on side said "Texas Communicat........." Could not read the whole thing. Pulled into my driveway waved nicely at me then drove off nice and slow....

There is a company called "Texas Communications" that runs communication services and it may have been one of their trucks. but still It did not feel right.

Did I break a rule?? FCC or other??

Function Generator signal level never went past 1/3. and was usually all the way down..

BK Precision 4017A, 10mHz, 10v(max) p-p into 50ohm, minium .25v p-p across my scope.

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