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found the following from Tesla's Patent ( he knew it was "fractal" )

Patent 1,061,206

Still another valuable and probably as unique quality of such motors or prime movers may be described. By proper construction and observance of working conditions the centrifugal pressure, opposing the passage of the fluid, may, as already indicated, be made nearly equal to the pressure of supply when the machine is running idle. If the inlet section be large, small changes in the speed of revolution will produce great differences in flow which are further enhanced by the concomitant variations in the length of the spiral path. A self regulating machine is thus obtained bearing a striking resemblance to a direct-current electric motor in this respect that, with great differences of impressed pressure in a wide open channel the flow of the fluid through the same is prevented by virtue of rotation. Since the centrifugal head increases as the square of the revolutions, or even more rapidly, and with modern high grade steel great peripheral velocities are practable, it is possible to attain that condition in a single stage machine, more readily if the runner be of large diameter. Obviously this problem is facilitated by compounding, as will be understood by those skilled in the art. Irrespective of its bearing on economy, this dependency which is, to a degree, common to motors of the above description, is of special advantage in the operation of large units, as it affords a safeguard against running away and destruction. Besides these, such a prime mover possesses many other advantages, both constructive and operative. It is simple, light, and compact, subject to but little wear, cheap and exceptionally easy to manufacture as small clearances and accurate milling work are not essential to good performance. In operation it is reliable, there being no valves, sliding contacts or troublesome varies. It is almost free of windage, largely independent of nozzle efficiency and suitable for high as well as for low fluid velocities and speeds of revolution.

It will be understood that the principles of construction and operation above generally set forth, are capable of embodiment in machines of the most widely different forms, and adapted for the greatest variety of purposes. In my present specification I have sought to describe and explain only the general and typical applications of the principle which I believe I am the first to realize and turn to useful account.


what do you think would happen if we merged these two Designs into one

or simply Quartz (piezo electric ) Disks + Salt Water ( UV emission ) :

the Tesla Quartz / Barium Titanate Turbine Battery
if the set up is standing up right and the inlet placed on top ... Gravity will do the work for you : ( solar pump will bring it back up )

It is almost free of windage, largely independent of nozzle efficiency and suitable for high as well as for low fluid velocities and speeds of revolution.
to keep the disks separated , opposite magnets can be used to repel , just thinking outloud ... may also have other added advantages ( mainly as an Mstate Water producer : all the disks should be magnetized in this case )

and here is a surprise for you .... was going to suggest to inject that water in a Joe Cell for HHO production and found the following :

HHO Generator or Joe Cell construction - YouTube

here is another example: Vid21 Washer Cell Hydrogen Generator (HHO, Brown's Gas, Hydroxy) - YouTube / Vid59 How to Build a Volcano Washer Wet Cell (HHO, Brown's Gas, Hydroxy) - YouTube


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