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Originally Posted by blackchisel97 View Post
Matt, this is very nice I like the idea of using a cap instead of "dead" battery. It should work.
I'll try to get this done on other IC. My both PIC's are "busy" and I don't have stamp chip (never worked with it before).
Thanks for sharing this
I use Propeller but it doesn't matter what you use its a real simple any variety of duty cycle at any speed. You'll find funny things happening at different speeds. Big thing is use an iron transformer.

Originally Posted by mbrownn View Post
What is the action going on between the rotor and stator in an induction motor?

What is the action going on between the coils in the different configurations of a universal motor?
A regular motor IE which is what I was referring to is OPEN reaction between 2 fields to drive the motor. A transformer is closed.
I do not know what a universal motor is but it's not the little scooter motor.

More than likely if its turning a rotor its not as efficient in transferring energy as transformer.

The big thing here is I am just trying to get this thing running and try to simulate the effect as outlined with whatever looks like it will work.

And if you do not have a working MODEL of whatever it is you want to advocate then your opinions are fine but don't PM me with them. Like I care.

I do the work then I form an opinion. Not the other way around.

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