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Originally Posted by Matthew Jones View Post

@Mbrownn, regarding your PM.
A motor by default is not capable of a transformer action, period.
You have to modify it to do anything close. Current and magnetic fields are not the same thing. Also motors are incapable of an AC current to voltage 90 deg offset which in itself will allow transients to do work immediately by allowing the current in them to be turned into forward time.
When I tell you motor is not capable of this action is not because I do not have the basic understanding of the motor versus transformer issues, Its because I know what I am talking about. I have very in depth experience with both.
Your PM should have been a HOW question and not a statement arguing a position to inform me not to misinform other people. If you have argument and proof other wise make it available. Proofs in the pudding.

I apologize if I offended you and I didn't want to debate about it on the thread but I will ask the questions.

What is the action going on between the rotor and stator in an induction motor?

What is the action going on between the coils in the different configurations of a universal motor?

Can you send me a link so that I may educate myself, clearly it is a complex subject and a few pointers in the right direction would help.

No offense intended and it was never my intention to argue , Its just that I have been led to believe there are such actions going on in motors, some of which are good and some bad. The truth is a persons intent is not always clear in the written word and I would never accuse you of misinforming people.
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