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Originally Posted by blackchisel97 View Post
I'm anxious to see your video Matt. I don't know schematics but I should have everything needed to build except the transformer. Is it off the shelf or you made it?
The video is up. Enjoy.

The transformer is hand wound. I used one I burnt up on another experiment. I describe it in the video.

I think before its all done with, I will use caps instead of a dead battery. I can control the available voltage on the caps by the rate of switching.
I have got a few more tricks also to put the power back and if I get real digital about it I can do it in a way that makes sure you get the full brunt of the power before you lose it. Run it all around circles until entropy hits home.
I'll think about it this week a little more.

@Mbrownn, regarding your PM.
A motor by default is not capable of a transformer action, period.
You have to modify it to do anything close. Current and magnetic fields are not the same thing. Also motors are incapable of an AC current to voltage 90 deg offset which in itself will allow transients to do work immediately by allowing the current in them to be turned into forward time.
When I tell you motor is not capable of this action is not because I do not have the basic understanding of the motor versus transformer issues, Its because I know what I am talking about. I have very in depth experience with both.
Your PM should have been a HOW question and not a statement arguing a position to inform me not to misinform other people. If you have argument and proof other wise make it available. Proofs in the pudding.

Your spot on.

@ Everyone else.
If this circuit above your head don't feel the need to run out and build it. Just give it time and most of the people here can help. Keep going with the other ideas. There is more than one way to skin a cat.

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