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[QUOTE=madhatter;189674]Not sure I understand what you're after, could you explain a bit more?[Quote]

As far as the Standing wave. Should there be one along the lenght of the wire?

Originally Posted by madhatter View Post
Also this is going to be frustrating, but all leads will impact the L&C of the circuit, I found that by using the coil itself it's a better compramise then adding in wire length. the leads and LED also effect the circuit too, it's a big balance game.
Yes, Yes, and Yes I noticed that.

A wise man once said "we were going to need a new set of tools to work with these new concepts" or something along those lines. Once I realized I could easily light an led I thought that it could make a handy dandy indicator. THEN..

I get my hands on a 10MHz function generator. I start testing and messing but lacking a fuctional ground I can only take my results as mere observations of a crystal radio and NOT a TRT. What did I learn....that leads are the enemy. Thats when I made the leap form FWBR to AV plug and that made all the difference. Thanks to all those who helped with that. No leads and 1 point of contact. That makes a nice little indicator. With that indicator I can touch the coil at any point. And it appears to make very little change to the resonant frequency. The change I do see is usually caused by me holding the AV plug. BUT I cant get the AV plut to light on a stick.

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