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Originally Posted by blackchisel97 View Post
Are you thinking to simulate DC motor in our setup with a coil or transformer and FET switch ?

No. This is not like a motor as motor cannot inductively pass current to second set of winding.

Originally Posted by citfta View Post
Hi Matt,
In your latest schematic when you turn on the Fet you are applying 24 volts reverse polarity to batt a2 less the drop across the transformer. Is that to try and keep a2 from charging up or did you just get a couple of lines crossed when you were drawing it up?
Look here's what happens.
I pull 24v+- from the primary in pulse for given time.
It goes through the transformer, induces current on the secondaries, then deposits into A2. Then it is abruptly shut off.
Now the secondary windings takes the initial pulse and sends it to the multiplier, and back into the transformers primaries to replicate and deposit in A2. 2x for 1 pulse.
But we also have that spike that showed up when we first turned the thing off. So now we are up to 3x.

So now start looking at it running say a 30 percent duty cycle. Kinda like spinning a flywheel.

Then you got the induced current on the wing batteries. And what ever type of back EMF shows up and gets replicated accross the transformer.

You follow me?

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