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I have simulated the circuit the best that I can. Circuit Simulator Applet

Note that the power drained from the source will result in mechanical power (input power x motor efficiency) and that we get to use that same electrical power again in the load resistance. COP will be 1 x motor efficiency + load power, probably in the region of 1.5

The BEMF going to the source can possibly cause the anomalous charging effect we know can happen in lead acid batteries resulting in little or no loss in power in the source. COP of infinity.

Using this circuit to recover a dead battery over the last 24 hours has been successful, I am quite impressed. I have been using a battery charger as the source whose open circuit voltage is 15v. I noted that the voltage is 15.5 volts using this circuit. note that there is a smoothing capacitor on the output side of my charger and the back spikes may be giving this small boost in voltage. The charger is rated at 12 amps but was drawing only 0.45 amps when I measured this voltage. If I put the amp meter in the circuit now that the battery has recovered the motor stops and the circuit draws about 100mAmps
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