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Standing/Stationary "wave"

@ all: Does this make sense?? Is this normal antenna theory stuff?

I am using bare 14gauge wire. So I can tap it at any point, and I do. There is a standing/stationary wave along the entire coil when excited at ~2200kHz. Max voltage is on the soda can, and again max at the bottom of the secondary by the grounding at ~2200kHz. With an area in the center of tht gives no readings. In this case I am feeding it with a function generator.

When attached to my magic "fireplace gouund " I get hightest signal close to the top of the secondary but not on the can and the voltage does not go up at the bottom.

This tells me I need more interwinding capacitance or a capacitor across or the split ring the secondary think
I think it's time for me to learn YouTube. I'm a video posting virgin. But the standing wave visual is cool.

And finally, my detector is an AV plug with germanium diodes. Crystal ear phone is attached across the LED and I can hear the station and the light glows when I tap points. This is the on the unpowered setup. Better yet I can hear the station on the "AV LED-head piece" 1" away from the secondary without touching, and it gets louder the closer you get.

Which means I am radiating. Which is bad.

So is this normal stuff?
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