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I could be out of my head on this, but what I think I see is that
There is the voyage that goes out of the primary batteries. It arrives at the coils in the motor and there is a secondary about of electricity produced here that seems to go in both directions. Some of it goes back to the primaries, or at least the primaries show a spike after the motor gets hit with voltage. Then you hit the batteries with voltage and SOMETIMES they seem to hit back! So I would say at least three sources of energy in this system, all coming from the PROPER use of the energy in the primaries. Of course I don't have the kind of equipment needed to prove any of this, or more likely, I just don't know how to really USE what I have.

Think I have everything to replicate your circuit Matt, except I need to check my specs on my Fets. I only have one model of Fet.
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