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@ jake

I calculated the field strength voltage 5 miles away from a 1,000 watt transmitter to be 0.03 volts per meter. This is a rough calculation but gives approximate value to be expected. You are getting much more out. I am impressed with your design. I worked several years as an antenna engineer developing very advanced antenna designs, so it takes a bit to impress me.

For a 10,000 watt transmitter this increases to about 0.10 volts per meter.

After I did the calculations the hard way, I found an online calculator that gives about the same answers:

Volt per meter and power density calculator

EDIT: A tuned antenna will suck up the RF energy much like an electronic vacuum cleaner, so I would expect your antenna to produce more than the ambient volts. It is actually possible to measure the lack of signal behind a tuned antenna which shows it has absorbed energy from an area much larger than itself.

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