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Originally Posted by fathershand View Post
Matt, Dave, I feel that the radiant energy gets in more and more as the motor slows down when we load it. I also think we are going to have to "help" the motor with a "make and break" part of the circuit.
Matt, what about my question concerning the capacitor and mbrownn's idea for replacing the Accumulators with caps?
Tony all you can do is try. And while were at it, there is no radiant energy in this system.

You guys need to stop drinking the Kool-Aid from your monopole days.

Originally Posted by Turion View Post
Matt, are you thinking about pulsing the resister with a motor, a reed or maybe something like the Stamp?
I've been thinking about a load in parallel with the resistor and still pulsing the resister, and wondering if that would work.
I'm in bad with a badly sprained ankle today, and it's KILLING me. I want be down in the basement working! My wife has to work from home tomorrow though, so I will have the whole day to work in the basement.
Matt, I found a place to get a bunch of golf cart batteries cheap(er) for the BPG.
I am just going to pulse the system, and instead of using a motor I'll use transformer.

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