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What is it?

So now I can light the LED to a continious glow at night when the statio is at 1000w. The larger primary made that happen. The correct capatance across the primary eliminates all blinking and the little hand is no longer needed.

There is very little improvement when the power goes up in the morning.

What it is:

Secondary - 20 turn coil of 14 gauge wrapped according to EPD. With attention to getting the coil to the proper EPD dimensions. So spacing was what it was.

Primary - Almost 2 turns of Stout Flat copper.
84.5mm wide
2857.5mm long(10mm short) Best I Could Do. Now I need to shorten the Secondary
1.35mm thick (STOUT)

I made this from a 1.25"dia copper pipe. Split it lenght wise on a table saw. Hammered an ax down the lenght to open it up. Used pliers to open one end wide enough to get it in a sheet metal roller and rolled it flat in 12 passes.

FWBR - Of 1N34 diodes across the secondary or from almost any point on the secondary to bottom of secondary.

LED - across the DC of the FWBR.

Ground or antenna? - Bottom of secondary is connected to Fireplace shroud/metal chimney. It is grounded via propane copper tubing but it also acts like an antenna since its big metal and sticks out the roof.

coments and questions are welcome.
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