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Hi Aaron/ALL

It has limited applications, IMO hey are only specific and not in the general consensus for what the population really need, especially those with no energy, aches etc, maybe athletes, from what i have researched over the last 2 years it cant beat or will never beat the COMPLETE rejuvenation capacity of what juicing, detox and a plant based whole diet has done, that is IMO the best all rounder to spend your money on.

It does not need ASEA to do that and is cheaper.You get an education on what to eat to prevent and treat disease and get more energy. Simple. And its cheaper.

In this point i am not concerned with athletes trying to "redox dope themselves", i am however comparing what the average person would take it for.if your an athlete it will be for different things /different applications and not what i am saying, that's certainly "apples with oranges"

At the end of the day it cant compare to the holistic benefits of what i said. And people who detox and change their diet are happy to feel normal with out ASEA plus just because you "feel " better on ASEA does not mean your body is not getting an unhealthy work out, people can take methamphetamine and dance for 2 days.I personally would look into that.

People feel "crap" again after not taking it for a reason .

If you spend a ridiculous amount on ASEA, then your not going to get better disease TREATMENT/PREVENTION, energy and detox from spending the same money on what i said, this is easily compared and proven. Plus people learn to be able to take control of their health, to spend a lot of money on one drink supplement for this is ludicrous. Again i am talking about the average Joe who has no energy, or aches etc not athletes.

since you are involved in sales of this stuff (i am not selling juicing diet or detox) i feel you have also a vested interest to tell those who take ASEA about the plant based whole food stuff i mentioned. This at the end of the day can do the most benefit for them.

Keep well all
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